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June 28th, 2014 - noontime

We are Blessed. Our groundbreaking Spectrum Queer Media screening of THE NEW BLACK at the Official 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer in Jackson, Mississippi is filled BEYOND CAPACITY!  The seats are filled and folkz are still coming through the doors! Folkz are literally sitting in the aisles and standing wherever they can! 


We are giving thanks - we are screening in a state that is still struggling to acknowledge LGBTQI rights. We did not know what to expect in terms of interest when we proposed the Spectrum Queer Media screening to the conference organizers. 


We are giving thanks - this Spectrum Queer Media LGBTQIA film screening is a sought out standout amongst the commemorative sessions, workshops and film presentations at this prominent civil rights event which attracted civil rights architects and activists from around the globe! Julian Bond, Marian Wright Edelman, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Thornton, Dick Gregory, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Bob Moses and many more are here to honor this important event.  


This special screening of THE NEW BLACK, produced and curated by Spectrum Queer Media Founder and CEO Monica Anderson, includes a rousing choral introduction and an exclusive post screening Q&A with film principal Karess Taylor-Hughes. The power of the gathering was evidenced by the fact that over 75% of the audience stayed to continue the community conversation with Monica and Karess - nearly 45 minutes beyond the allotted screening and Q&A time. 


CONVERGENCE. This Spectrum Queer Media event IS doubly HERSTORIC as it occurred during the hallmark 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer on the same day of the 45th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The NYC - Greenwich Village Stonewall Riots led primarily by people of color was a catalyzing moment in the struggle for gay and lesbian rights in the United States. The Stonewall riots triggered a national movement for LGBT civil rights, one that continues today. Within a few years of the riots, LGBT advocacy organizations had formed nationwide. The first gay-pride marches took place in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1970. 


THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. This important Spectrum Queer Media screening of THE NEW BLACK is being duly cataloged by archivists and is now a well documented part of the internationally recognized annals of American Civil Rights history!  We are indeed evolving, rising, growing wings of wisdom to carry the next generation forward and upward upon! www.SpectrumQueerMedia.com