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sQm Diversity Training FOR EQUITY
Anti-Racism, Sexual Orientation + Gender Identity



SPECTRUM QUEER MEDIA HAS PRODUCED + CURATED OVER 50 Social Justice + Empowering LGBTQIA + ALLY TEACH-INS, WORKSHOPS + HACKATHONS (including free or low-cost workshops to disadvantaged groups) to diverse communities IN MAJOR CITIES throughout the US.


- free healing spaces created in recognition of the immediate need to address the reality of intersectional racism and its deep effects within our LGBTQIA+ community. Presented by Spectrum Queer Media - a series offered to begin the work of collective liberation.

Blackout Collective + Black Lives Matter Hunter's Point Symposium


- co-produced and curated the Oakland, California teach-in with partners Hub Oakland and Betti Ono Gallery.  http://www.38thnotes.com/2013/06/05/assata-teach-in-tell-and-learn-the-real-story/



- sponsored the world's very first Transgender Hackathon with Trans*H4ck founder Dr. Kortney Zeigler, the Kapor Center for Social Impact, Mozilla, TranscodeSF and Betti Ono Gallery.


REGAIN YOUR VOICE!: DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP for Women + Girls of Color at the 29th Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference - UC Berkeley - 2014

THE IMPORTANCE of FILM in SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENTS - NAES 2014 Research as Ceremony: Decolonizing Ethnic Studies - Mills College

STORYTELLING AS AN EMPOWERMENT STRATEGY: California Institute of Integrated Studies: Beyond the Binary 2014


THE NEED + BENEFITS of Anti-Racism, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity Training
With an increasingly diverse workforce and consumer market, and the rise of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workforce over the last decade, many employers struggle to help their established workforce adapt, and furthermore to bring new staff into the organization's culture.


In a 2006 Society for Human Resource Management survey, 76 percent of HR professionals indicated that their organizations provided training on diversity issues. SHRM broke diversity training into several categories: anti-discrimination training, diversity awareness training, cultural awareness training, diversity management/leadership training, diversity knowledge/skills-based training, or dimension-specific workshops. SHRM also broke down what employees underwent training: top-level executives, non-executive managerial employees, and nonmanagerial employees.


More than half of the Fortune 500 provide some form of diversity training that includes sexual orientation, and most employers that prohibit discrimination based on ethnicity and gender identity - have some form of related diversity training.

WHAT Spectrum Queer Media's Diversity Trainings Offer:
We help employers not only to clearly demonstrate their support of an inclusive equal employment opportunity or non-discrimination statement, Spectrum Queer Media Diversity Trainings support the communication of these policies to all of their employees by answering the following questions:

  • Who does this affect?  The non-discrimination policy applies to everyone, including employees, job applicants, customers and clients.

  • What are we talking about?  What do the terms "anti-racism", "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" mean?  How do those terms apply to everyone?

  • Why does the business care? Explain the business rationale.  For example, "we want all employees to feel safe and comfortable so they can be productive." What laws come into play?

  • How does this affect us?  How should we acknowledge people who differ from ourselves on these characteristics?


Spectrum Queer Media Diversity Training Workshops can take the form of small, informal discussions, modules that are incorporated into a larger diversity training curriculum, or full-fledged training and educational programs on transgender issues. Preferably, most diversity trainings are done proactively, and many employers opt to go into greater depth with managers. However, employers may find an issue arise within a particular worksite or workgroup that requires follow-up.