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sQm: tech

Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler  Trans*H4CK

Trans*H4CK shifts the ways trans*, gender non conforming, agender and non binary people live by creating technology that economically empowers, improves access to social services, promotes gender safety and community sustainability, while bringing visibility to trans* tech innovators and entrepreneurs.


Trans*H4CK launched as a response to the growing social and economic barriers that plague the trans community:

  • Unemployed at twice the national rate (four times for transgender people of color).

  • Have incomes of less than $10,000 a year.

  • Experience immeasurable homelessness.

  • Suffer overwhelming discrimination when accessing adequate health care, legal services and housing.


Trans*H4CK tackles these social problems by developing new and useful open source tech products that benefit the trans and gender non conforming communities in the following ways:

  • Promote economic advancement and financial sustainability

  • Promote attention to or improve services for trans people without homes, that are sex workers, or that are incarcerated.

  • Increase gender safety

  • Support the overall wellbeing of the community


Since our launch in 2013, Trans*H4CK has become the hub for transgender visibility in tech and entrepreneurship. We've had over 600 transgender developers, designers, and aspiring coders present at our hackathons, producing mobile apps that are used by trans* and gender non-conforming people across the country. 

Additionally, our speaker series has featured the stories of leading transgender executives, innovators, and emerging leaders--stories which were previously absent from the tech landscape.

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